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Welcome to MTClife

The MTClife programs are based on an old African proverb which states: If someone hears, they will forget. If someone writes, they’ll remember. However if someone does, they’ll understand.

This new style of teaching uses music, dance, game, and play as a tool to connect to students. Children instinctively move their bodies as a means of communication. The major portion of these workshops is the movement platform which can be either pre-existing models or in-house programs MTClife has developed.

The phrase "Every child learns differently" is often used to refer to a child's learning style. Some children are visual learners, some are auditory learners, while others are kinesthetic/tactual learners. Adults and corporations learn the same way.

We believe Soft Skill Development (Honesty, Integrity, Leadership, Anti-bullying, Diversity, etc.) are as important as hard skills (Math, Science, English, History, etc.). With the help of our gifted instructors, we have put together sessions and workshops where we discuss and develop these skills through different platforms.

Movement and music are some of the means we use in delivering essential content in a way that encourages healthy physical development while reinforcing virtues. 
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Vision Statement
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Why the Inukshuk (Inuksuk)

The Inuksuk is a structure that has been found all over the Arctic region of North America. It served as navigation aide for others who were looking for either travel routes, fishing places, camps, and or hunting grounds.

One amazing detail about the Inuksuk is that one arm is always longer then the other, which represented, "I was here, and you are going there". MTClife brings the same comfort of guidance to the youth of today. Through fun and motivating workshops, we lovingly tell them… We are here, and you are going there.

Our goal is to continue to bring these topics, as well as others, into schools, and also offer additional motivational courses at the studio - to empower youth to be leaders.

All of our workshops are tailored to fit the event. We have worked with schools, churches, youth retreats, sports events, fundraisers, community centres, and have taught our workshops to children and youth of all ages. We strongly believe that MTClife is a cornerstone in the community and we are excited to expand it to other communities.
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We all know how important it is to teach correct principles early, and encouraging young people to get involved is a great way for them to learn life skills. It is easier for youth to say no, if they’ve made good decisions in advance.

MTClife is a youth leadership and mentoring company, unique in North America. The company strives to teach leadership values, moral principles, empowerment, and anti-bullying programs currently through the use of dance, rhythm, music and play. By providing active, engaging workshops, we teach youth correct principles that can make a real, substantial difference in their lives.

MTClife is committed to providing the tools necessary so that today’s youth can achieve all the success they deserve, and become tomorrow’s outstanding leaders.

The youth of today face face stumbling blocks which impede them from moving forward. We see an ever-growing trend in child obesity, teen suicide, bullying, increasing debt, and other serious concerns that plague our communities. Our passion for our cause to unlock the unlimited worth and potential in each individual.

Businesses and governments spend thousands of dollars annually trying to develop leaders; the key to doing this successfully is not only in the How, but in the When. This is the key focus for MTClife.